Philosophy -The Division's Aim-


The Division of Sustainable Energy and Environmental Engineering was established in April 2005. This Division is intended to conduct engineering education and research that support the sustainable civilization of human society, and consists of 15 basic areas and nearly 8 cooperation and partnership areas or courses.

The Division is the result of the integration of the Department of Environmental Engineering and the Department of Nuclear Engineering and aspires to becoming an educational research organization that can exert the synergy effect of environment and energy by reutilizing an academic spirit developed in the two former school graduates, or the spirit for opening up a new area, and developing research and education that builds up a "human surviving platform" lying in environment and energy.

We continue partnerships and cooperation with existing research and education institutions regarding "infrastructure for civil society", "electric system", etc. In addition to it, our all staff agrees to evolve the Division as a graduate school or an academic organization attracting various fields in terms of the capabilities of constructing and integrating systems about environment and energy, specifically in light of the sprit for human coexistence.
We appreciate your further support for our newborn Division.

April 1, 2014
Prof. Kunio Awazu
Head of the Division of Sustainable Energy and Environmental Engineering