This Division is intended to conduct engineering education and research that support the sustainable civilization of human society, and consists of 15 basic areas and 8 cooperation and partnership areas or courses, integrating the Department of the Environmental Engineering, Department of Nuclear Engineering and a part of the Department of the Global Architecture.

Message from the Head of the Division

  Prof. Kunio Awazu
Head of the Division
of Sustainable Energy and Environmental

This Division aspires to becoming an educational research organization that can exert the synergy effect of environment and energy by reutilizing an academic spirit developed in the two former departments, or the spirit for opening up a new area, and developing research and education that builds up a "human surviving platform" lying in environment and energy.

We continue partnerships and cooperation with existing research and education institutions regarding "infrastructure for civil society," "electric system, " etc.

In addition, our all staffs recognize to evolve the Division as a graduate school or an academic organization attracting various fields in terms of the capabilities of constructing and integrating systems about environment and energy, specifically in light of the sprit for human coexistence.

What's New!


About 35 years ago, a new department was created in the hope of harmonized development of science and technology.

The Department of Environmental Engineering, which was first born in Japan with the aim of establishing environment protection and comfortable human environment, was a pioneer at that time.

In addition, the Department of Nuclear Engineering concerning nuclear energy that had being developed as future energy brought a dream to growing society.

The Department of Nuclear Engineering and Department of Environmental Engineering, which were established based on the social background of peaceful utilization of nuclear energy and environmental protection and management, have been urged to respond to a thesis of "sustainability and coexistence" imposed to environment and energy for new global community.

Hence, overcoming the difference among the basic areas and conceiving the way our future society should be done, we have drastically reconstructed these departments in order to meet the needs from the future society.


A1 Building
(Former Nuclear Engineering Building)
S4 Building
(Former Environmental Engineering Building)

Education and Research in the Division

In the educational aspects, we aim to implement education that fulfills the requirements from both comprehensive understanding and profound expertise, in order to be able to develop a system for developing human resources related to environment and energy, perform practical education allowing the acquisition of several professional qualifications and meet social needs.

In the research aspects, we are promoting joins research of industry, academia and government as well as proceeding with frontier studies in individual areas, and aim to produce the research results that have a significant impact on society and academy through the implementation of open-type large-scale research based on the internal and external personnel cooperation.