Staff and Laboratory List

*Cooperative Laboratories are colored with blue.

S.A.: Specially Appointed (Professors for Special Project)

Environmental System
Environmental Management
Professor: Akihiro TOKAI
Assistant Professor: Toyohiko NAKAKUBO
Engineering for Assessing the Sustainable Environment
Professor: Akira KONDO
Assistant Professor: Yoshio INOUE

Sustainable Environmental Design
Urban Environmental Design
Professor: Masanori SAWAKI
Associate Professor: Kazuhito WAKAMOTO
Assistant Professor: Kunihiko MATSUMOTO
Environmental Design and Information Technology
Professor: Nobuyoshi YABUKI
Associate Professor: Tomohiro FUKUDA

Quantum and Energy Engineering
Medical Beam Physics
Professor: Kunio AWAZU
Associate Professor: Hisanao HAZAMA
Assistant Professor: Katsunori ISHII
Assistant Professor: Yuichiro MANABE
Nuclear Social Engineering
Professor: Takao NAKAMURA
Associate Professor: Takanori KITADA
Quantum System Engineering
Professor: Hiroshi HORIIKE
Associate Professor: Eiji HOASHI
Assistant Professor: Sachiko YOSHIHASHI
Quantum Engineering and System Design
Professor: Akira YAMAGUCHI
Associate Professor: Takashi TAKATA
Energy Physics
Professor: Takeshi FUKUDA
Associate Professor: Katsuhisa KITANO
Quantum Reaction Engineering
Professor: Isao MURATA
Assistant Professor: Fuminobu SATO
Applied Laser Engineering
Division of Power Photonics Research
(Institute of Laser Engineering)
Professor: Nobuhiko SARUKURA
Assistant Professor: Toshihiko SHIMIZU
Laser Energy Engineering
Division of Laser Fusion Research
(Institute of Laser Engineering)
Professor: Takayoshi NORIMATSU
Associate Professor: Hideo NAGATOMO
Assistant Professor: Kohei YAMANOI

Circulatory Material and Resources System
Quantum Beam and Biomaterials Engineering
Professor: Shigehiro NISHIJIMA
Associate Professor: Yoko AKIYAMA
Assistant Professor:
Fumihito MISHIMA
Bio-Environmental Engineering
Professor: Michihiko IKE
Associate Professor: Satoshi SODA
Assistant Professor: Masashi KURODA
Environmental Materials
(Joining and Welding Research Institute)
Associate Professor: Soshu KIRIHARA
Smart Green Processing
(Joining and Welding Research Institute)
Associate Professor: Hiroshi NISHIKAWA
Quantum Beam Material Process Engineering
(Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research)
Professor: Yoichi YOSHIDA
Associate Professor: Yoshihide HONDA
Associate Professor: Jinfeng YANG
Assistant Professor: Takafumi KONDO
Assistant Professor: Koichi KAN
Quantum Engineering of Condensed Matters
(Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research)
Professor: Katsumi TANIMURA

Sustainable Energy System
Urban Energy System
Professor: Yoshiyuki SHIMODA
Assistant Professor: Yohei YAMAGUCHI
Assistant Professor: Hiromi HABARA
Energy and Environmental Materials
Professor: Shinsuke YAMANAKA
Associate Professor: Ken KUROSAKI
Assistant Professor: Hiroaki MUTA
Assistant Professor: Yuji OISHI
Green Engineering for Global Environment
Professor (doubled as the Professor of Environmental Management Laboratory) Akihiro TOKAI
Associate Professor: Takashi MACHIMURA
Assistant Professor: Takanori MATSUI