Admission Information

Types of Admissions

Admission for Japanese students

Master’s courses for international students

The Division of Sustainable Energy and Environmental Engineering offers two master’s degree programs, Environmental Engineering, and Nuclear Science and Energy Engineering, for those seeking advanced knowledge in these disciplines in view of pursuing a career in the industry or undertaking a doctoral degree. There are two types of admissions for international students:

Regular program conducted in both Japanese and English.

International program conducted in English.

Doctorate course for international students

The doctoral degree program at the Division is aimed at educating students to become excellent, independent researchers. Under the supervision of a professor, the student will conduct cutting-edge research within the field of their choice. Most of the doctoral students will be involved in their supervisor’s projects and will collaborate with faculty members, other students, and various industrial partners. After successfully defending their dissertation, the student will receive a doctor of Philosophy in Engineering.

Entrance examination

General advice for international applicants

Every applicant must find a supervisor suitable for the research field that they are interested in well in advance and must contact him/her via email to confirm whether the field is adequately suited to his/her laboratory.

We can provide the following advice for applicants.

  • First, search for a university and research laboratory (mission, scope, and activities) and then for professors and/or researchers (with published research). Finally, select a professor or researcher that you would like to be your supervisor, and contact them yourself.
  • Summarize your area of interest and then contact the professor or researcher to ascertain whether it would be possible to pursue your chosen research topic.
  • For detailed information on the support available to international students (including scholarships), the Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) webpage is an excellent resource.
    JASSO website