Kan-Ene Topics! 環エネTOPICS!



Position:      Assistant Professor
Degree:       Doctor of Science
Laboratory: Quantum Beam Material Process Engineering



Investigation of ionizing radiation-induced reaction by means of time-resolved spectroscopy

The investigation of the reaction mechanisms of ionizing radiation-induced chemical reactions is the main focus of my research. Here, a pulsed electron beam is used as the ionizing source. To proceed with the research, it was necessary to separate it into the following three sections. Section 1: Creating new measurement techniques for time-resolved measurement, especially in terms of the pulse radiolysis technique, while improving the time resolution, is also important. Section 2: Developing and updating the pulse radiolysis measurement system. Section 3: Measuring and analyzing the target ionizing radiation-induced reactions using the pulse radiolysis measurement system. These sections are essential to further understanding radiation chemistry from the viewpoint of physical chemistry.


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