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Jinfeng YANG

Position:      Associate Professor
Degree:       Doctor of Science
Laboratory: Quantum Beam Material Process Engineering


Ultrafast electron microscopy with relativistic femtosecond electron pulses

Femtosecond atomic-scale imaging is a challenging subject in material science and has long been a revered tool for scientists wishing to study ultrafast structural dynamics. In our research, we aim to develop an innovative relativistic ultrafast electron microscope (UEM) with an ultimate temporal-spatial resolution of 100 femtoseconds and 1 angstrom using advanced radio-frequency accelerator technology.

With our UEM, the photo-induced ultrafast phase transitions, the chemical reactions of molecules, and the structural dynamics in biomaterials are investigated in real time and on an atomic scale. The obtained information is compared with theoretical descriptions, based on the molecular dynamic method and first-principle calculation, to further encourage the discovery of new knowledge and novel functions in material science.


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