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Satoshi TAKEDA

Position:      Assistant Professor
Degree:       Doctor (Engineering)
Laboratory: Nuclear Social Engineering
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Acceptance of nuclear engineering within society

The nuclear power plant has an important role in Japan due to the lack of natural resources. For the safe and sustainable use of the nuclear power plants, various issues, such as the disposal of radioactive waste, must be resolved. The question is what constitutes an acceptable use of nuclear power, which is a question I am currently addressing alongside my laboratory colleagues.

Safety-enhanced fast reactor

The inherent safety of the nuclear power plant is crucial to preventing accidents. Therefore, we are currently exploring a safety-enhanced fast reactor that could prevent core damage using only inherent reactivity feedback under the unprotected loss of flow and unprotected transient overpower . We are specifically engaged in the development of an analysis code based on the three-dimensional transport theory for the accurate evaluation of the safety-enhanced fast reactor.

Light water reactor for reducing environmental load

One of the major concerns with the nuclear fuel cycle is the radiotoxicity of transuranic waste. To reduce this radiotoxicity, transmuting the radioactive nuclides to lower radiotoxic ones is a realistic and effective solution. However, large-scale transmutation based on the innovative transmutation systems will prove to be difficult to implement in Japan due to the high cost and the issue of social acceptance. Therefore, our work is largely focused on the suppression of transuranic waste in conventional light water reactors.


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