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Position:      Professor
Degree:       Doctor of Engineering
Laboratory: Laser Energy Engineering
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Laser fusion study based on high-energy density physics

Nuclear fusion is expected to become the ultimate energy source for the next generation. In terms of laser fusion, one of the methods of nuclear fusion, a fusion reaction is realized by creating an extremely high-energy density state (high-pressure state) comparable to the inside of the sun using power lasers. We are conducting research aimed at understanding the physics of this high-energy density state and generating efficient fusion reaction conditions.

Laser fusion reactor system and its elemental technology

We are currently studying a system that converts the energy (neutrons) generated by a laser fusion reaction into electric energy, that is, a laser fusion reactor system. In terms of the design of the system as an integrated system, we are conducting research on its various elemental technologies.

Development of novel laser processing technique using power lasers

We are developing a new material processing method incorporating power lasers, which has proven to be difficult with conventional technologies. We are also exploring the practical use of unique processing methods such as peening for the purpose of toughening and reducing the weight of materials and peen forming through modifying the inside of the material, with the aim of contributing to the manufacturing technologies for a smart society.


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