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Yuichiro MANABE

Position:  Assistant Professor
Degree:   Doctor of Engineering
Laboratory:       Quantum Beam and Biomaterials Engineering
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Whack-a-mole model towards a unified description of biological effects caused by radiation exposure

We have been developing a mathematical model that can estimate quantitatively the biological effects of artificial radiation exposure. We named it the whack-a-mole (WAM) model. Until now, nearly all existing theoretical models that estimate the effects of radiation target theory and its derivatives rely on the total dose only. However, the dose rate has also been proven to be relevant (see the mega-mouse project by Russell at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in the 1950s to 1980s).We succeeded in reproducing the experimental radiation-induced mutation frequency data of mice, Drosophila, chrysanthemums, maize, and Tradescantia. We also constructed a mathematical framework that provides a unified understanding of a general feature of organisms (see figure).Our model can be applied to radiation therapy and scheduling for exposed workers.



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