Kan-Ene Topics! 環エネTOPICS!


Yoshiyuki SHIMODA

Position:  Professor
Degree:   Dr. Eng.
Laboratory:       Urban Energy System Lab.
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To overcome global warming issue, the world needs to achieve a “de-carbonized society” in the future, not only by developing the energy supply system, including renewable energy but also by reducing the energy demand. In other words, an energy system that does not generate CO2 can be expressed as the following formula:

(CO2-free energy) = (energy demand)

To achieve this condition, it is necessary not only to develop a CO2 free energy supply system incorporating CO2 free energy sources such as renewable energy but also to control energy demand and to reduce energy demand without impairing human sufficiency. In addition, for electricity that cannot be easily stored, the above formula must be satisfied instantaneously for power sources that fluctuate under the influence of weather, such as solar power generation and wind power generation. It is also necessary to control energy demand (smart grid technology).

Our laboratory is one of the few laboratories in Japan that investigates on energy demand. For buildings, houses and transport systems including electric vehicles at the city/national level, we clarified a mechanism of energy demand that is complexly formed by engineering elements and human factors through data analysis and simulation. We are also investigating planning methods for energy-efficient cities and communities through studying existing smart communities, university campuses, and district heating and cooling systems as “living laboratories.”


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