Kan-Ene Topics! 環エネTOPICS!


Tomohiro FUKUDA

Position:  Associate Professor
Degree:   Ph.D
Laboratory:       Environmental Design and Information Technology Subarea, Sustainable Environmental Design Area
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Dr. Fukuda’s research interests include environmental design and engineering; spatial design support; computer-aided architectural and urban design; virtual, augmented, and mixed reality (VR/AR/MR); and media architecture. Below is one example of Dr. Fukuda’s research themes.


Development of an augmented reality/mixed reality system for studying the landscape and thermal environment

We are developing AR and MR technologies that superimpose design models (virtual models) onto the real world for landscape and thermal environment studies. These technologies allow users to experience the changes in the landscape and the thermal environment on site and in real time. In recent years, the integration of this technology with diminished reality, artificial intelligence, and drone technologies  has been promoted to more accurately represent the relationship between the real world and the design models and to scientifically understand the environmental changes before and after the design.



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