Kan-Ene Topics! 環エネTOPICS!


Hiroya ABE

Position:            Associate Professor
Degree:             Dr. Eng
Laboratory:       Smart Green Process
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Development of environmentally friendly fine particle synthesis/film formation technology

Fine particulates such as nanoparticles have various functions, and important since it is used further in future work. However, harmful substances are often used to produce these fine particles. Therefore, we are working on the development of environmentally friendly fine particle synthesis and film deposition technologies that are free of harmful substances and perform energy saving systems.

Development of joining/assembly technologies for fine particles

We are also developing technologies for joining/assembling fine particles into a size that can be practically applied. Specifically, we are working on direct ink writing technology that can assemble only the required amounts of fine particles into the required 2D/3D pattern. Self-assembling technology for fine particles is also being investigated.

Development of environment- and energy-related materials

We are conducting joint research on improving the performance of solid oxide fuel cells through the fine particle process, developing antifouling technologies, and environment monitoring using nanocalorimetric sensors.


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