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Masanobu Kii


Position:      Professor
Degree:       Ph.D (Engineering)
Laboratory: Sustainable Urban Planning
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Urban policies

We research urban policies to make cities livable and comfortable. These basic questions, what factors affect the urban livability, how comfort of urban living is determined, are not clarified theoretically. We try to get insight of the mechanism of urban livability and comfort based on the statistics and field research.

Fig.1 Deviation of residential utility in nationwide urban employment areas

Transport planning

Transportation is one of the essential component of urban living where the transportation facilities like road and railway are viable under the collective consumption by many people. This feature requires public engagement and efficient/effective planning. We research preferable transportation planning using the information communication technologies and simulation technologies in the transportation field.

Fig.2 Bangkok Traffic Simulation and Urban Policy Impact Analysis

Climate change

Climate and human activities interact each other; the climate change affect people’s life and people’s behavior affect the climate through the greenhouse gas emissions. We research the interaction between urban activities and climate change.

Fig.3 Future Urban Population Projections by Scenario for 2100予測


Sustainable development coals are shared goals among most of nations and groups to achieve the sustainable society. We research especially on the “Goal 11. Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable”.


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