There are various environmental, energy, and resource problems, which cannot be easily solved due to their extremely complex causes. It is important to face them with a comprehensive understanding on the problem structure and rich imagination by combining the wisdom of humanity. Our division provides an educational program that can foster a flexible mind through which students can have various interests not only in knowledge and technologies of engineering but also those of many other academic fields including natural science, humanities, and social sciences.

The Division of Sustainable Energy and Environmental Engineering was launched within the Osaka University’s School/Graduate School of Engineering for education and research to establish a foundation to develop sustainable societies. The Division, which integrates two former departments, the Department of Environmental Engineering and the Department of Nuclear Engineering, aspires to exert a synergistic effect on the environment and the field of energy by drawing on the academic spirit that was developed in the two former departments.

Admission Policy

The Division of Sustainable Energy and Environmental Engineering makes comprehensive and systematic efforts to address the depletion and degradation of the environment, energy, and resources—which are the greatest challenges that human beings face today—in order to solve global issues and conduct research and education for the development of a sustainable environment.

After properly identifying the source of an issue, we establish the necessary academic principles and theory to create a road map for solving the issue. We teach academic subjects in a systematic manner with the goal of developing engineering solutions in the real world. We accepts a broad range of talented students and working people who are interested in taking on the challenge of this human issue, as well as the students who have completed a degree related to the environment or energy.

The Division seeks people

who is deeply interested in the sustainability of the global/local environment and our energy system,
who explores ways of coping with issues without being constrained by his or her specialized area, and who has the motivation to solve problems,
who has the ability to think and act for himself or herself and to conduct collaborative work, and has an attitude that promotes leadership, and
who has the ability to think creatively, has an emotional richness, and an inquisitive spirit about human beings and the natural world.