Kan-Ene Topics! 環エネTOPICS!



Position:      Professor
Degree:       Doctor of Engineering
Laboratory: Quantum Beam Material Process Engineering


Development of femto-/attosecond pulse radiolysis and application of ultrashort electron beam

Our research target is to achieve fundamental physicochemical processes induced by electron beam irradiation on materials with the aim of realizing an advanced nanofabrication. To identify the foundation of the processes, a femto-/attosecond pulse radiolysis measurement system and technique has been developed, which includes generation and measurement methods incorporating attosecond electron beams. In addition to the time-resolved spectroscopy method, time-resolved electron diffraction and electron microscopic methods and apparatus have been developed and studied. Utilizing our ultrashort electron beam, we are exploring the novel interaction of the high-density electron beam with various materials. Our research lies within the interdisciplinary fields of radiation chemistry, accelerator science, and electron microscopy.


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